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IKECA would like to thank all of the speakers and guests at the 2019 Annual Membership Meeting.

Guest Speaker: Chuck Gallagher
Every Choice Has a Consequence

Every choice has a consequence. In 1987, Chuck Gallagher made some bad choices at the height of his career and went from wearing a business suit to an orange jump suit some years later. “So,” you might be asking yourself, “why would I want a former convicted felon to speak to my organization about ethics and integrity?” Because Chuck has experienced firsthand how easy it is to move from ethical to unethical. Having rebuilt his life, the lessons he learned allow him to share a unique perspective unlike any other business ethics keynote speaker. Rather than taking the usual theoretical approach to ethics—which, frankly, can put an audience to sleep—Chuck captures attention by talking about his own journey from a human perspective, then combining it with a practical application. His presentations are humorous, thought-provoking and impactful.


Nelson Dilg, CECS, CESI, Nelbud Services Group

Jim Roberts, CECS, CESI, Derby Pressure Wash

Jim Roberts

Mario Abab, CECS, CESI, Air Cleaning Technology

Randy Conforti, CECS, CESI, Precision Kleen, Inc.

Mike Rosenau, MBA, CSP, CPCU, Society Insurance

David Hayes, Fire Inspector for Boston Fire Department, Fire Protection Division

Charles W. Cochrane, Cochrane Ventilation Inc.

Brian Smith, PhD, Omni Containment Systems, Inc

Brian Smith

Barry Wagner, DRIPLOC

John Muller, CECS, ASCS: Airways Systems, Inc.

Pete McDonnell, Independent Insurance Review

Joel Berkowitz, CECS, Fireproofing Corp. of America

Rob Hove, CECS, CESI, Vent Tec

Moderator Jack Grace, HCES, CECS, CESI, HOODZ of Las Vegas