NFPA 96 Revised

Certification Exam Questions on NFPA 96 Revised;
Questions Will Be Based on 2011 Edition
as of October 22, 2011

August 16, 2011, Philadelphia: IKECA today announced that three of its certification exams – the Certified Exhaust Cleaning Technician (CECT), Certified Exhaust Cleaning Specialist (CECS), and the Certified Exhaust System Inspector (CESI) – will begin basing its questions on the 2011 edition of the National Fire Protection Association’s Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations, commonly referred to as NFPA 96, as of October 22, 2011. On this date, IKECA will administer an exam session at its 2011 Fall Technical Seminar & Expo being held in Milwaukee, WI.

Current exams are based on the 2008 version of NFPA 96 as well as other standards and codes, depending on the exam. The IKECA Certification Committee, chaired by Neal Iorii, Jr., Olympia Maintenance, and comprised of IKECA members with decades of experience in the field, have been working on an exam question revision project during the summer of 2011.

“We have been going through each existing question and making sure the question itself and the answer choices, correct and incorrect, make sense to us,” said Neal Iorii, Jr., chair of the question revision project. “We are making sure the correct answers are the only possible correct answer available, in terms of grammar and style. We are also adding some new questions to the current bank of questions to help keep the exams fresh. The purpose of these exams is not to ‘trick’ or confuse the people taking them, they are there to make sure the individuals being tested know the standards of our industry.”

Iorii added, “Although we are using the 2011 edition of NFPA 96, all of the content for the exams can be found in 2008 and most can be found in 2004.”

IKECA members who use the Members-Only Professional Exhaust Cleaning Technician (PECT) designation program to train new employees will have their choice of using the exam based on the 2008 or 2011 NFPA 96 version through the end of October. Starting November 1, 2011, all distributed PECT exams will be based on NFPA 96 2011.

IKECA also runs a certification program for the City of Boston, MA. Those exams – The Boston Certified Cleaning Specialist (BCCS) and the Boston Certified System Inspector (BCSI) – base most of their questions on NFPA 96 2008. Those exams will remain unchanged until further notice.

Copies of NFPA 96 2011 and other study guides are available from the Online Store on To sit for an exam at the Technical Seminar, please click here for meeting details.

For more information, please contact IKECA headquarters at 215.564.3484