Value of Certification

What is the value of IKECA certification?

IKECA certifications provide objective and measurable ways to determine general competency in the standardized practices and standards within the kitchen exhaust cleaning industry. IKECA certifications advance the industry and professionalism of kitchen exhaust cleaners, both at the technician and company level. IKECA certifications provide the means to establish and enforce the ethical and professional conduct codes. Finally, IKECA certifications offer a means for the industry to self-regulate.

For employees

  • Increases compensation and career mobility
  • Provides the right to use the CECT, CECS, or CESI designation after name and title
  • Elevates industry professionals to a higher standard

For employers

  • Recruit and retain trained, qualified and certified employees
  • Satisfy the requirements of the local authority having jurisdiction
  • Carve a market differentiator based on IKECA certification
  • Attract more customers

For the public

  • Helps in identifying trained, qualified and certified service providers
  • Increases confidence in service providers
  • Provides a process to follow in case of customer dissatisfaction