Types of IKECA Membership

Thank you for your interest in joining IKECA!

Please review the membership categories outlined below. To apply, fill out the membership corresponding application below and submit to information@ikeca.org

North American Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning (KEC) Companies 

Activer North American Member
Defined as those companies that provide cleaning services of kitchen exhaust systems located in North America. 
$925/year + $250 Application Fee.
Must meet insurance and certification requirements.


Membership Application

International & Non-KEC Memberships

International Member
 Defined as those companies that provide cleaning services of kitchen exhaust systems located outside of North America.
$925/year +$250/Application Fee.


Membership Application
Associate Member
Defined as companies that manufacture equipment or supplies, or provide ancillary services to the kitchen exhaust cleaning industry.
$925/year +$250/Application Fee.


Membership Application

AHJ Complimentary Membership

Fire Marshal Member
Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ)
Defined as publically funded officials with authority to set and regulate local standards on kitchen exhaust cleaning and inspection. 
$0/year, no application fee.


Membership Application

Food Service Industry Complimentary Membership

 Defined as for-profit entities comprised of facility managers, restaurants, hospitals, universities, and other related kitchen exhaust system end-user organizations.
$0/year, no application fee.
Membership Application

Application Requirements for Active North American Membership

1.    Complete the Membership and Certification Application
2.    Have at least one employee successfully certified as a CECS
3.    Provide proof of General Liability, vehicle and workers’ compensation insurance
4.    Have a separate phone listing for the company;
5.    Read the IKECA Policies and Procedures that govern membership;
6.    Read and sign the member Code of Ethics.

If you have any questions about the process, or need assistance in filling out the application(s), don’t hesitate to contact us at (215) 320-3876.