2012 Technical Seminar

October 10, 2012 - October 13, 2012
Indianapolis, IN



     It was great to see the excitement and anticipation in everyone’s eyes as they arrived at the Crowne Plaza in Indianapolis last month. Some were anticipating meeting with vendors; some were excited about workshops and demonstrations. Some were even eager to take their first certification exam and more than a few people were a little uneasy about the thought of walking into a room full of people they have never met before.
The exhibitors provided great information on their products and services, and I saw a lot of excitement with KEC contractors finding a needed product or service they will be able to incorporate into their daily business operation.
     The demonstrations and workshops also provided great information that KEC contractors will be able to use to increase productivity and save money on a daily basis.
     The certification exams are a huge step for contractors willing to develop their skills and understanding of the industry.  IKECA’s certifications prove to customers that contractors are proficient, and have a strong understanding of codes and processes in the kitchen exhaust cleaning industry.   Congratulations to all individuals who choose to clean to a higher standard by maintaining their IKECA certification.
     There were numerous chances for attendees to meet and network with their peers and industry leaders. This is perhaps the most valuable opportunity for contractors to learn from each other within a social environment.
     All aspects of the Technical Seminar are geared towards making your business more successful.  I’ve learned many things at Seminars that have helped my business become more streamlined, productive, informed, and ultimately more profitable.  Overall, the Seminars have helped me run a better kitchen exhaust cleaning company.   Everyone can take something home with them from the Seminar that increases their value to their customers.

-Grant Mogford, CECS, CESI

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The final registration list for the IKECA 2012 Fall Technical Seminar can be found here.


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