Types of Certification


Certified Exhaust Cleaning Technician

The CECT is the start of a crew member's career in being certified in the kitchen exhaust cleaning industry, designed for crew members operating under the supervision of a CECS.


Certified Exhaust Cleaning Specialist

The CECS is a certification designed for a highly experienced and knowledgeable individual who leads others in their crew. 


Certified Exhaust System Inspector

The CESI is designed primarily for field inspectors whose job it is to investigate and report on the cleanliness condition of commercial cooking and ventilating systems.


Are you a member considering certification?
IKECA offers a program exclusively for members which is designed to help technicians prepare for the next step in their career to become certified. The Professional Exhaust Cleaning Technician (PECT) pre-certification program helps expose crew members and employees to the codes and practices included on certification exams. The PECT is a designation and is not a certification. Click here for more information.