Internal Training for CEUs

Training conducted within your company for employees may be eligible for CEUs. Please refer to the information below to determine if your company's training would qualify:

What qualifies?
Completion of training offered through an employer in-house or at another facility qualifies for CEUs if both of the following requirements are satisfied:

  • Training is conducted with a third-party instructor or an instructor certified to train the subject matter
  • The subject matter of the training is relevant to the kitchen exhaust cleaning industry (qualifying topics include, but are not limited to: ladder safety, PPE, fall protection, hood/system service, near miss reporting, defensive driving, etc.)

‚ÄčIf uncertain if training qualifies, please confirm with IKECA Headquarters before training is complete. Email us at

How many CEUs can be earned through internal training?
Internal training follows the same International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) standard as all IKECA CEUs, which currently accepts 60 minutes of education content as 1/10 of a CEU (10 hours = 1 CEU).  This means 0.1 CEUs are earned for every hour of qualifying training completed.

How are CEUs completed through internal training submitted?
The instructor for the course must provide the following documentation which would be submitted to IKECA Headquarters accompanied by a CEU Submission Form:

  • A certificate or proof of completion for the individual who completed training detailing the individual earning CEUs, date of training, subject matter, length of training, and instructor's signature
  • The instructor should also submit documentation providing proof they are certified to instruct on the subject trained if the instructor is employed at the same company

When are CEUs submitted to IKECA Headquarters?
Certified individuals are encouraged to submit training throughout their certification period. However, when submitting payment for a renewal of certification, we recommend detailing all training on CEU Submission Form at the time of renewal.