Benefits of IKECA Certification

For Employees

IKECA Certifications are objective and measurable ways of determining a general competency and knowledge in the latest industry standards and codes. Certification can benefit you in many ways, including:
  • Increasing compensation
  • Enhancing career mobility
  • The right to use the CECS or CESI label after your name and title
  • Elevating other industry professionals to a higher standard
  • Increased recognition to employers, customers, and industry peers

For Employers

Encourage and support your employees. IKECA requires that all members have at least one employees certified as a CECS, but more and more jurisdiction are requiring certification for every crew member on a job. Certification is an investment in your business that increases retention and helps empower your staff in many ways, including:
  • Recruit and retain trained, qualified and certified employees
  • Satisfy the requirements of the local authority having jurisdiction
  • Carve a market differentiator based on IKECA certification
  • Attract more customers

For the Public

  • Helps in identifying trained, qualified and certified service providers
  • Increases confidence in service providers
  • Provides a process to follow in case of customer dissatisfaction