Certified Exhaust Cleaning Specialist (CECS) Exam Newly Revised

The Certification Committee has worked diligently to revise the CECS Exam to reflect provisions found in the IKECA C-10 Standard. The new CECS exam will remain 150 multiple choice questions, 10 of which are based off of the IKECA C-10. 
The new CECS Exam will not reflect any change in price. Additionally, the CECS Study Guide will now include an IKECA C-10 Standard. 
The new CECS Exam will be implemented on Wednesday, August 1, 2013. Anyone applying or scheduled to take an exam before this date will still be eligible to take the older version of the exam. Exam applications received on August 1 or after will be subject to taking the revised exam. 

What content is covered on the new CECS Exam?

  • OSHA: HAZCOM, Confined Spaces, Personal Protective Equipment, Lock-out/Tag-out, Ladder Safety, Respiratory Protection
  • International Mechanical and Fire Codes (IMC & IFC)
  • NFPA 96 (2008/2011)

The kitchen exhaust industry is growing at a rapid pace and technology is changing all the time. IKECA has developed certification programs to provide individuals with the means to keep on top of the changes in codes, standards and technology that affect everyone in the industry.

IKECA Certifications gives kitchen exhaust professionals an edge, in this highly competitive business. Our certifications set the industry standard of knowledge, and increases worker professionalism in the field. An IKECA certification next to your title shows a dedication to success, helps increase your potential for a better salary, and provides recognition throughout the kitchen exhaust industry.

More and more, jurisdictions are requiring certification for job bids and all workers on a crew. Now is the time to show your customers that you are one of the best in the industry and take advantage of one of the most powerful member benefits IKECA has to offer.

IKECA offers three internationally recognized certifications, which demonstrate a high level of knowledge of the codes and standards pertinent to the industry. In addition, all certified staff are required to sign a Code of Conduct to help ensure the highest degree of professionalism and ethics, and complete Continuing Education to maintain their certification.


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