The kitchen exhaust industry is growing at a rapid pace and technology is changing all the time. IKECA has developed certification programs to provide individuals with the means to keep on top of the changes in codes, standards and technology that affect everyone in the industry.

IKECA Certifications give kitchen exhaust professionals an edge, in this highly competitive business. Our certifications set the industry standard of knowledge, and increases worker professionalism in the field. An IKECA certification next to your title shows a dedication to success, helps increase your potential for a better salary, and provides recognition throughout the kitchen exhaust industry.

More jurisdictions and facility managers than ever are requiring certification for job bids in their area. Now is the time to show your customers that you are one of the best in the industry and take advantage of one of the most powerful member benefits IKECA has to offer.

IKECA offers three internationally recognized certifications, which demonstrate a high level of knowledge of the codes and standards pertinent to the industry. In addition, all certified staff are required to sign a Code of Conduct to help ensure the highest degree of professionalism and ethics, and complete continuing education to maintain their certification.

How to Become Certified

Applying for Certification:

  1. Decide which certification is right for you.
  2. Schedule an exam date and time with a private, third-party proctor in your area from either a local library, testing center or college/university. Other facilities will require approval from IKECA.
  3. Complete the exam application for the certification of your choice.
  4. Review the exam application and ensure accurateness and completeness; incomplete applications will not be accepted. Send your completed application and appropriate fees to IKECA Headquarters.
  5. Wait for your confirmation which will be delivered via email within 3-5 business days.

Take Your Exam:

  1. Be sure to review the IKECA's policies on exam conduct and irregularities
  2. Find out from your proctor in advance of the exam date how early you need to arrive the day of your exam as well as what will be required (e.g... picture identification) in order for you to sit for the exam.
  3. Take the test! 
  4. Wait for the results, which will be sent via email within two weeks of receiving the completed exam from the proctor.

If You Pass Your Exam:

You will be sent a letter accompanied by an ID Card and certificate which detail your expiration date.  Understanding certification maintenance requirements will be key to you maintaining your certification in good standing.  Review those requirements here.  Each certified individual is responsible for maintaining a valid certification. 

If You Fail Your Exam:

While disappointing, these things do happen.  We encourage you to retake the exam.

  1. Complete the Exam Re-take Application found here and follow steps to locate a proctor. 
  2. Schedule your exam within one year of your original exam date in order to qualify for the re-take fee.  Please note that if you have a membership application in, you have 90 days to re-sit for the exam.

Questions?  If after reviewing these steps you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (215) 320-3876.  Please leave a message if we do not pick up immediately and we will return your call within 24 hours.  For faster service, please email us at information@ikeca.org.