Exam Information


EFFECTIVE MAY, 2009: All companies/contractors engaged in the cleaning of commercial kitchen exhaust systems within the City of Boston are required to have at least one person on each work crew successfully certified as a Boston Certified Cleaning Specialist (BCCS). The successful candidate will need to provide their certification to the City of Boston according to their own requirements.

Effective Februrary 1, 2015, The Boston Certified Cleaning Specialist ™ (BCCS™) has been revised to reflect NFPA 96 2011 and Boston-specific work requrements.



The City of Boston Fire Department also requires any contractor engaged in the inspection of any commercial kitchen exhaust system be successfully certified as a Boston Certified System Inspector (BCSI).The successful candidate will need to provide their certification to the City of Boston according to their own requirements 


All BCCS and BCSI certified staff are required to renew their certifications every three (3) years by applying and re-taking the certification exam with a passing score.


BCCS: $315 per applicant
BCSI: $215 per applicant

All fees are payable to IKECA in US Dollars. Applicants who do not pass will need to reapply.

A single re-take examination will be available at $170 per applicant. If an applicant fails the retake exam, he/she must wait a period of three (3) months and reapply for the exam at the full exam fee.


BCCS | 75 multiple choice questions | 3 hour time limit

BCSI | 75 multiple choice questions | 2 hour time limit

Both certification examinations are “closed book.”


IKECA will notify candidates in writing sixty (60) days prior to their certification expiration. This notification shall include a recertification application and exam application.

Upon passing the exam, the candidates will be issued an updated Certificate and ID card.

If a candidate fails to respond within thirty (30) days of the initial notification, a second written notice will be sent.

Candidates who do not successfully renew their certification by the expiration date will be notified in writing that their certification has expired and, to renew it, they will be required to retake the certification exam and pay all associated fees.

IKECA will report non-renewals to the City of Boston Fire Department on a monthly basis.


The pass-fail score for the IKECA exam is as follows:

BCCS passing score = 70%
BCSI passing score = 75%

Candidate scores are based on the number of correct responses. Each question receives credit if scored correctly, and no credit if incorrect or omitted. Therefore, you should answer each question, even if you must guess. If a candidate marks more than one response for a question, that question will be scored as incorrect.


Within approximately ten (10) business days of taking test, you will receive a “score report” by mail. The report will indicate whether you passed or failed the exam. If you passed the exam, your score report will be accompanied by a certificate from IKECA, as well as a durable ID card, noting your certification number.