The IKECA Difference

Choosing a Professional Exhaust Cleaning Contractor Guidelines and Best Practices IKECA members are committed to providing a complete cleaning of the entire system– from the hood in the kitchen to the fan on the roof. They follow the most complete cleaning and inspection standards in the industry found in NFPA-96, the International Mechanical Code and International Fire Code.

Most other companies simply provide a quick and easy "hood cleaning" service which does not include the duct work or rooftop fan. This may keep the interior of the kitchen looking sharp, but it does little to secure fire safety and reduce health threats. They don’t clean the entire system and aren't committed to the same high standards as IKECA members.

With 55% of all restaurant fires starting in the kitchen, it is more important than ever to make sure the exhaust is cleaned by properly trained, qualified and certified professionals that are committed to clean to the highest standards in the industry.

IKECA Members live up to the challenge. They are passionate about doing the job right the first time, and providing the restaurant and insurance industries an integral component of their fire protection and public safety programs.

Download IKECA's Guidelines and Best Practices to find out more.