Satisfaction Guarantee

IKECA promotes the application of high standards to commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning. If a customer believes that a service performed by an IKECA member does not meet these standards, the customer may initiate a process to inform the association leadership.

For more detail on this step, please read IKECA’s Policies and Procedures, Section VII.

To initiate the process, please submit the following answered questions in full to IKECA Headquarters:

Customer Evaluation for Kitchen Exhaust & Hood Cleaning by IKECA Member Company

Note: Evaluation must relate to Association’s cleaning standards and NFPA 96 specifications.
  1. Have you first discussed your evaluation or observations with the service provider? If yes, please specify the name of the IKECA member company and contact information.

If you have not discussed your concerns with the IKECA member who provided your service, do not proceed any further with this process until an attempt at resolution has occurred.

  1. What services were contracted? What was provided against those contracted services (please include pictures whenever possible)?
  2. Was a service report filed by the IKECA member company? If yes, what does it say? Please also include a picture of the hood certificate and cleaning certification.
  3. Who discovered this situation? When?
  4. Who is the inspecting authority that discovered the incomplete job performance and non-alignment with the services contracted?

Only issues related to cleaning to a higher standard and those submissions with fully answered questions will be considered.

Thank you for your concern and interest in cleaning to a higher standard!