Code of Ethics - Active Members

By submitting this application for membership, you agree to uphold IKECA’s Code of Ethics:

  1. To, at all times, serve our clients with integrity, competence and objectivity;
  2. To perform all work for clients in accordance with the latest standards and practices published by IKECA;
  3. To clean all readily accessible areas of the kitchen exhaust removal system, utilizing positive cleaning methods and techniques consistent with proactive by-product management;
  4. To strive to comply with all applicable municipal, state and national codes and guidelines during the course of business engagement;
  5. To ensure that safety of life and property remain an integral operations effort;
  6. To strive to comply with all applicable industry-related environmental standards, and practice with ongoing awareness as continuing education advances the industry;
  7. To operate with a good working knowledge of available products and to specify, where applicable, those accepted within the industry as efficient and effective;
  8. To establish initial and ongoing documentation consistent with local, state and national guidelines regarding kitchen ventilation by-product management service schedules and scope;
  9. To strive to continue educating consumers, neighboring industries and authorities with respect to kitchen exhaust removal systems;
  10. To strive to operate morally, ethically and in good conscience during the course of maintaining kitchen exhaust removal systems;
  11. To obey local, state and federal laws, rules and regulations as they pertain to our industry;
  12. To remain within compliance of the policies and bylaws of the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association.