CECS Certification

The Certified Exhaust Cleaning Specialist (CECS) is designed for the highly experienced and knowledgeable individual who lead others on their crew. Every Active Member of IKECA must have at least one employee certified as a CECS level or higher.

An individual who passes the CECS exam shall be certified as a “Certified Exhaust Cleaning Specialist (CECS).” Certification is for the individual only. IKECA’s program for Certified Exhaust Cleaning Specialists is not designed to provide company certification.

Description Of The Examination

  • Multiple choice, written exam, closed book
  • 150 questions in length
  • Three (3) hours to complete exam
  • Content of exam is primarily on industry codes and standards
  • At the testing location, you will receive an exam booklet with a separate sheet on which to record your answers by filling in a small circle with a pencil
  • Applicant must sign Exam Affidavit Form and agree to Exam Code of Conduct

Codes and Standards in the CECS Exam 
For a complete list of codes and standard in the CECS exam, please click here

A CECS Study guide, containing all of the codes and standards, a practice test and flashcards, can be purchased on IKECA's online store.

Exam Scoring and the Pass-Fail Score

The pass-fail score for the CECS exam is 70%. In other words, you must answer a minimum of 105 out of 150 questions correctly in order to pass the exam. A candidate's score is based on the number of correct responses. Each question receives credit if answered correctly and no credit if incorrect or omitted. Therefore, you should answer each question, even if you must guess. If a candidate marks more than one response for a question, that question will be marked incorrect.

If a candidate fails the IKECA exam on his or her first attempt, the individual may retake the exam within a one-year period at a cost of $100. If an individual fails the exam on the second attempt, he or she must wait a period of one year from the first attempt to take the exam again, and must pay the full certification exam fees. No more than two exam attempts are allowed within a one year period.

Score Report
Within approximately two to three weeks of taking your test, you will receive a letter that will indicate whether you passed or failed the exam. If you passed, your letter will be followed by a certificate from IKECA and an ID card.

Length of Certification and Renewal
The renewal date of your certification is based on when the exam was taken. Please see the renewal page for more details.