ANSI/IKECA C10 Cleaning Standard Wins Approval for the International Fire Code

PHILADELPHIA,  October 24, 2013 – The ANSI-accredited IKECA Standards Development Committee Consensus Body is pleased to announce that the International Code Council (ICC), at its meeting on October 3, 2013 in Atlantic City, NJ, approved the inclusion of ANSI/IKECA C10-Standard for Cleaning of Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems in the upcoming edition of the International Fire Code. IKECA is accredited by the American National Standards Institute as a standards development organization and the ANSI/IKECA Consensus Body, with representatives from various stakeholders, serves as the standards committee responsible for the development of industry standards.
The approved language in the International Fire Code is as follows:
609.3.3.2 Grease accumulation. If during the inspection it is found that hoods, grease-removal devices, fans, ducts or other appurtenances have an accumulation of grease, such components shall be cleaned in accordance with ANSI/IKECA C-10.
“The commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning industry has worked for 25 years to elevate the standards of our important life safety work,” said ANSI/IKECA Consensus Body Chair Bernard Besal, CECS, CESI. “This is recognition that C10 provides an essential benchmark which authorities having jurisdiction, as well as those performing kitchen exhaust cleaning and others, can rely on.”
The ICC agreed with the proponent's reason statement that the code change provides a needed standard to assist the fire code official in determining standards of and methods for cleaning hood and duct systems.
ANSI/IKECA Consensus Body Vice Chair Nelson Dilg, CECS, CESI, attended the Atlantic City meeting and spoke in favor of the proposal before the ICC voting members.
“We believe that adhering to this standard will help save firefighter lives,” said Mr. Dilg. The Consensus Body, led by Mr. Besal and Mr. Dilg, is comprised of various interest groups which guide the work.

ANSI/IKECA C10: Standard for the Cleaning of Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems, 2011 Edition was published and made available to the public in early 2012. Since then, it has gained momentum throughout the kitchen exhaust cleaning industry and related trades, industries, and authorities having jurisdiction.
This standard is intended to determine the frequency and necessity for commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaning through inspection procedures, to define acceptable methods for cleaning exhaust systems and components, and to set standards for acceptable post-cleaning cleanliness. Standards for inspection and user maintenance are in development.
The C10 cleaning standard is on a five-year maintenance schedule. This means the public may submit proposals either to insert new text, to revise existing text or to delete current text for the 2016 edition. Each proposal must be accompanied by a statement of the issue and the substantiation in favor of the requested change. The proposal form can be found at the back of the published standard or online.

About the ANSI/IKECA Standards Development Committee Consensus Body
The IKECA Standards Development Committee Consensus Body was formed in 2009 when IKECA, the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association, became accredited as a standards developing organization by the American National Standards Institute. Comprised of interested stakeholders from throughout the industry, it is charged with developing and maintaining standards for cleaning, inspection, and maintenance of commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning systems. For more information, please go to